Exminster Pre-school and Cygnets is a happy and welcoming village pre-school set in a picturesque location with fantastic staff and facilities. We provide sessional daycare for children in Exminster and surrounding areas from the age of two until they start Primary School. Our latest Ofsted report in July 2015 rated the Pre-school OUTSTANDING in both nursery education and care, praising in particular the quality of teaching which has been deemed to be of a very high standard, the experienced staff wh0 have a excellent understanding of each child’s needs and how staff work exceptionally well with parents.


Our Aims

We aim to provide a happy, stimulating environment for children and to develop their social skills, as a prelude to primary school. To achieve this we:

• Allow children to develop and learn through structured play and activities;

• Observe and plan for the individual needs of each child by means of a proven Key Person system;

• Build positive relationships with adults and peers, encouraging fun and friendship;

• Aim to make Pre-school accessible to children and families from all sections of the community;

• Help children with the transition to school through our excellent Cygnets sessions held at the Primary School.

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How the Pre-school is managed

Exminster Pre-school is managed by a volunteer committee and run by an excellent team of professional staff led by the Pre-school Manager. The Pre-school committee is made up of parents elected at the AGM and this ensures that major decision-making lies with parents who use the group. They are responsible for the financial and legal commitments of the Pre-school including employment of staff, reviewing policy and practice, and fundraising.  All minutes from committee meetings are available upon request from the Pre-school Manager.


We maintain a full set of ‘Policy Statements’ which can be consulted at Pre-school or provided on request. Policies are reviewed at least annually by the committee and staff and are available on request.

Exminster Pre-School Safeguarding Policy

We work in accordance with PLA and Ofsted guidelines, and aim to put into practice the duties and responsibilities set out in the relevant legislation such as the Children Act 1989/2004 and the Equality Act 2010. If you would like to read our policy statements please do not hesitate to ask and we can make them available for you.