Exminster Pre-School news – February 2020

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We’ve had a great start to the New Year, the children have had such a
positive attitude towards their learning and as always heaps of
enthusiasm – We are looking forward to sharing each child’s progress at
our parents evening on the 11 th February.

Our topic this term is Occupations. Each week we will look into a
different occupation, focusing on the following – Emergency services,
medical services, Builders, Dancers, farming and Hairdressing. So far the
children have really enjoyed learning about people who help us, our
mock Police Station was a real hit! Family members who work within
these professions are more then welcome to come and visit the
children, they’d be very happy to meet you.

Last month saw the launch of our Home Learning Bags; each bag
contains everything you need to complete a shared activity at home.
These are a great way to spend some time together. You can choose
from a cooking activity, a reading activity, music fun and many more. We
look forward to you sharing your thoughts and photos with us.
We have lots of fun things planned for the month ahead, including
making pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, and are hoping we will be
able to get out and about more as we move into Spring.

Term dates: Spring Term: 7th January–26th March, Half term 17th –21st
Summer Term: 14th April–17th July, Half term 25th –29th May.